MutiaraPortal Budget Hotel Network.

RMS was built using advanced .NetTM based distributed architecture and Cloud Technology for Data distribution and control. The application platform is Microsoft® Windows and database independent supported by a farm of Mysql servers. The systems is extremely user-friendly, attractive and dynamically built, designed to be creative and an intuitive Property Management. We like to know our Clients and their specific Property Software requirements such as Graphic floor plan, room add-on..Etc.

Established in 2009, MutiaraPortal Hospitality Resources, is an Malaysian hospitality network Portal. MutiaraPortal.com web site, a leading on-line Booking resource for Malaysian Budget hotels , Hostel ,guesthouse and also Resort who before didn't have channel to display their property and Discounted prices to a Global clientele . By providing a complete service from Hardware advisory , WIFI installation and setup, Complete Rooms Management System (RMS), a Dynamic and transparent Ecommerce Web site constantly updated by RMS through our Data center (DTC) using our Web Services to offer constant live Rooms availabity and also SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) so our client will have their web sites under relevant Key words search in all majors search engines like Google or Bing , by Offering very competitive prices, placing our customer service as our first priority MutiaraPortal is filling what was a much needed niche and offering a service missing in Malaysia .
It is our goal to become one of the top Budget Hotels Network in Malaysia.

Benefits for Hotels
· A complete Room Management System · No need to employ IT staff and resources · Keep control over hotel activity from anywhere · Online reporting (Booking & room activities) .